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Zydox Australia-

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ZYDOX is available in:

  • 200 litre drums
  • 20 litres drums
  • 5 litre containers
  • 1 litre containers

ZYDOX DRA2 ACTIVATOR is also available in 1 kg containers.

ZYDOX is an extremely pure chlorine dioxide which is approved as a processing aid in food manufacture in the FSANZ codes and also has AQIS, USFDA and EU approvals.

Chlorine dioxide has been used in the USA and Europe for over 25 years to treat drinking water and as a food safe sanitiser.


BREATHE EZY is designed specifically as a new form of treatment which may be beneficial for the treatment of upper respiratory fungal and viral infections in poultry and domestic animals.


Current Applications:


Potable water treatment – many sources of potable water have been treated with chlorine dioxide to make it safe for consumption.  It works by destroying micro organisms, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi and mould.


Poultry industry – treatment of dam and bore water for consumption by the birds and also treatment of cooling systems results in a huge reduction of bacterial counts leading to a decrease in flock losses.


Food processing – applications in the meat and poultry industries where product is dipped in an extremely diluted solution of Zydox delivers huge reductions in total plate count enhancing the shelf life of product.



HORTICULTURE–  Cut Flower Production,  Hydroponics, Fruit and Vegetables, Nursery, Viticulture


FUNGAL DISEASE CONTROL–  Chlorine Dioxide when used to control various horticultural diseases

including: Xanthomonas, Fusarium, Algae, Colletotrichum, Pythium, Cylindrocladium,Ralstonia, Botrytis, Erwinia and Phytophthora.


Seafood industry – Zydox has a range of applications for fish fillets, prawns and various shellfish and can be added to brines, slurries and washes to reduce microbiological load and increase shelf life.  It is also extremely effective when added to ice in reducing odour and black spot in prawns.


Mushroom growing – Zydox is added to the bed drenching waters to control bacterial blotch.


Air conditioning cooling towers – Zydox can eliminate bio-film which encourages the growth of harmful bacteria in cooling systems.


Swimming pools – many public pools including Brisbane City Council pools, Southbank and Learn to Swim facilities use Zydox to protect their patrons from infection by Giardia and Cryptosporidium as well as improving water clarity and reducing chloramine odour.


Food Industry: Zydox is also used as a hard surface sanitiser and is recognised as food safe by the Australian Institute of Environmental Health.

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